A long time coming, Jaded is my first full body of work. Some of the poems I started writing in high school and some I wrote just a few months back. I’m very proud of this show and the vulnerability and uncomfortableness that has been forced out of me. The collection has 15 poems and […]

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Susan Hyatt

I’ve had the opportunity to work with life coach Susan Hyatt for the past few years and both learn from her and grow with her brand. We’ve traveled across the world together for some pretty amazing projects and experiences, too. Here’s a glimpse of the vast amount of work that has come out of our time together. […]

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Upland Brewery

Working with one of the Midwest’s most established breweries, Upland Brewery made for one delightful experience. Not only are their products ~delicious~, but the team and the brand are pretty awesome as well. Their shiny new website is pretty superb if I may say so myself. In conjunction with Blueline.

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