A long time coming, Jaded is my first full body of work. Some of the poems I started writing in high school and some I wrote just a few months back. I’m very proud of this show and the vulnerability and uncomfortableness that has been forced out of me.

The collection has 15 poems and 15 collages. Each poem is paired with an associating collage and is meant to be viewed in chronological order. See the official artist statement below.

A special thank you to Courtney Sinclair for taking my portraits for this project. You are amazing. Additionally, I want to thank my sister, Kate, who helped articulate the artist statement.


Jaded is a body of work composed of collages and poems that tell a story.

The natural response to pain and heartache is to recoil. This reaction is where we begin. Over the course of 15 moments, expressed through words and images, I put my healing process on paper. I want to share this progression, and the conclusion I came to when it was over: there can be no self without the full spectrum of emotion—and without self, there can be no art.

So often, emotional wounds can seem to hollow out the sufferer, strip them of what makes them human. The eyes of the women in my collages are censored, their individuality redacted. But by the end of the series, that individuality returns. Self-actualization occurs, not despite the struggle, but because of it. By coming out on the other side, we become more fully ourselves.

We are all artist and artwork, betrayer and betrayed. Art is an expression of inner life that creates meaning out of meaninglessness and hope out of despair. Through Jaded, I want to empower the audience to resist the urge to deny or suppress emotional pain. I want to show that all survivors are artists and every act of survival is a masterpiece.



Too Good

Woke Up With a Kink in My Neck





Fresh Prose About Rotten Feelings

Bad Weather

Stale Skin


Falling Not Failing